Botanical Alchemy

Eco Prints by Tehya


  Tehya is an artist who grew up in Sebastopol, California and believes in making unique, sustainable, naturally dyed textiles & botanical prints from trees and plants found in nature. She comes from a long line of weavers and textile experts.  Her family has been using natural dyes for over 50 years. Her mother owned the famous Three Bags Full wool & weaving store in San Francisco and her father fashioned handmade looms and spinning wheels for the shop. The counter-cultural movement progressed in this location and provided weaving, spinning & dyeing classes in the 60's.


Tehya is based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado.  She is married to thought-leader and author Steve McIntosh and has two beautiful sons.




Tehya's elegant silk scarf creations have been printed with the natural pigments of real plants and flowers.  


 " I gather plants and flowers from nature with love here in Boulder, Colorado. Each leaf and flower is then placed on an exotic silk, bundled and printed by means of a steaming method. All my creations are made with completely sustainable natural dyes. Each silk textile I design represents an artistic labor of love."

Eco-printing is a magnificent way to print nature on textiles. By using a steaming method the natural pigment from plants and flowers is imprinted onto the highest quality silk fabric.

This is slow-art and is a it is a long process which includes all natural dyes that have been around for hundreds of years.  The results are unpredictable and always one-of-a-kind and unique.  There will never be two identical pieces, because of the infinite variables which may include the variety of leaves and flowers, the season, the soil in which the plant grows, mordants, modifiers & the magical love that is called 'the creative Divine'.

Tehya considers herself to be an alchemist.  The Art of Eco Printing is a kind of alchemy and always leads to magical results.  Tehya begins by collecting gorgeous leaves & flowers in her garden and in her neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado.  She has learned to mordant fabric from her Mother among other famous teachers. Tehya then steams the foliage and utilizes all natural dyes to create unique textiles that are reminiscent of nature.


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